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As a company we are an authorised Aeros wings dealer, which means we are able to get our hands on a variety of different wing types to suit each individual aircraft’s needs. We currently sell and supply 6 different types of wing which are listed below along with their current prices (All prices EXCLUDE SHIPPING AND VAT. Prices are correct as of 01.09.18) For more details on our wings or for orders please contact us either by email at or by phone on +44(0)1604 494459.

Wing Types

Discus 14T

 €4580.00 (Euros)

Discus 15T

 €4580.00 (Euros)

Combat 12T (Topless)

 €6270.00 (Euros)

Fox 16T

 €3820.00 (Euros)

Fox 13T

 €3820.00 (Euros)

Fox 13TL (Topless)

 €4630.00 (Euros)

Wing Types

Years Supplied


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